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Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

"A truly stunning work of art. An extraordinary palette of acoustic/organic and electronic/synthetic instruments carefully and methodically splashed on an absorptive canvas." – Vehlinggo (Aaron Vehling)

'Swim' is an excellent album, beautifully combining a wide array of instruments and influences. I'm especially curious for the future of this project. The talent and motivation seem to be present and if all goes well, this could become a name to be reckoned with in the near future." – Merchants Of Air

“The music is so intricate, offering colorful instrumental tracks that match up to a glorious sonic canvas of high-quality musings, and high-quality sound. Rich and opulent, the record holds amazing moments and complicated arrangements that all fans of Philip Glass’ craft shall adore.”  – The Noise Journal

"A modern orchestral soundscape large on emotion and beating hearts. Flawless and one of the best long players we have heard in quite a while!" – Diamond Deposits

"...whilst we are not here to lecture anyone about their music, this album may well inspire some original ideas for others to develop" – Beehive Candy

"This music is ideally spacious, while at the same time combining complex rhythmic devices with lush orchestral parts to create an ambiance of balanced contemplation. This is the perfect soundtrack for your star gazing, chill out sessions or just for sheer reverie" – Big Takeover Magazine

"Deep and hazy electronic grooves. Straight underwater music, and much like life below the surface, this one is singing to its story and rhythm... What a beaut" – Poule d'Or

“A one man band, Thiago C. Desant creates a world for the listeners to immerse themselves into” – We Are Cult

“Desant creates an unique, original musical experience of depth and beauty. This album is totally compelling and an absolute must have” – Floorshime Zipper Boots