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About ‘WLDLFE’ (2019)
Released through Blackjack Illuminist Records (DE)


"A lush but dark listen, with synths that have a beautiful but melancholy shine to them and evocative melodies." – Norman Records (UK)

“WLDLFE continues an amazing run of truly inspiring work from Thiago Desant, aka Phantoms vs Fire. The music here is more spirited and less haunted, but it nonetheless stays with you long after the last song fades. WLDLFE is a stunning work of musical exploration and harmonious creativity.”

8.4 out of 10

Complex Distractions (J. Hubner)

Phantoms vs Fire creates an electronic symphony which is not only difficult to rival amongst its peers (other electronic artists) but just other musicians in general.   If you're one of those "I don't really listen to electronic music" people, let "WLDLFE" be your exception.

Raised by Cassettes

"WLDLFE is a bloody well-executed piece of work, a lovely fusion between chilled retro-wave and dreamish ambient electro-pop. The album shines of storytelling like quality which makes it hold from the start to the very end.”

– Kalteldur (Denmark)

"The music shimmers and shines, the soundtrack to a night-flight along the Amazon perhaps."
– Super World Indie Tunes

"Hangs perfectly in the balance between the warmth of the melodies and the surgical coldness of electronic rhythms [...] An entrancing dream-like state."

– White Light White Heat

If Giorgio Moroder with Tycho, or Toro y Moi ever joined forces, then probably this would be the sound. A pure soul delight and a perfect mix of chillwave and electro capable of bridging the gap of the modern club culture, the “wave” scene and the lost indie spirit. Beyond words.

– Last Day Deaf

A crystalline and noir number that is both lightly whimsical and forebodingly shadowy. The beauty of the wilderness is captured in bright notes and, but progresses to include a burgeoning mood of restlessness with a darkly buzzing electronic grind and the thrill of anxious strings that simulate humans’ encroachment upon natural and essential habitats.

–  T he Record Stache

About ‘Swim’ (2018) 
Released through Burning Witches Records (UK)


Slightly woozy electronica, often with a lo-fi Ryuichi Sakamoto-meets-Vangelis feel, it’s ‘retro’ without being nostalgic, full of wistful, poignant atmospheres and familiar-but-elusive tunes that feel half-remember from childhood. I really love it; in fact if I had to choose (but I don’t) this might be my favourite album of the year. – William Pinfold  (williampinfold.com)

Composer Thiago Desant, Phantoms Vs Fire's USP involves mixing synthesizers, traditional instruments, and orchestral arrangements. As a modern concept, the compositions on 'Swim' are rich and intricate, swinging from the playful buoyancy of the title track to the darker, ethereal wails of 'Nightwalker'. You suspect that Philip Glass fans would find a lot to like here. [print]
Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

Phantom Vs Fire’s Swim is really unlike anything you’ve heard. It’s an electronic album that appears out of the ether fully-formed and alien, like OPN, Tim Hecker, SBTRKT. Phantom Vs Fire is both organic and synthetic, combining different sonic worlds to give us a musical experience unlike we’ve ever been given. There’s a ghostly quality to this album that feels very cinematic, as if it’s the score to a haunting or an emotional breakdown. Something like “Breathing” builds to a crescendo of strings and keys that works its way into the baroque and plucked “Swim”. “Nightmares and Dreams” has a catchy groove, while “VHS Hypnosis” wains like classic Boards of Canada and 80s synth scores. File Phantom Vs Fire under: one of a kind. – Complex Distractions ( J Hubner )

"A truly stunning work of art. An extraordinary palette of acoustic/organic and electronic/synthetic instruments carefully and methodically splashed on an absorptive canvas."
Vehlinggo (Aaron Vehling)

'Swim' is an excellent album, beautifully combining a wide array of instruments and influences. I'm especially curious for the future of this project. The talent and motivation seem to be present and if all goes well, this could become a name to be reckoned with in the near future." – Merchants Of Air

“The music is so intricate, offering colorful instrumental tracks that match up to a glorious sonic canvas of high-quality musings, and high-quality sound. Rich and opulent, the record holds amazing moments and complicated arrangements that all fans of Philip Glass’ craft shall adore.”
The Noise Journal

"A modern orchestral soundscape large on emotion and beating hearts. Flawless and one of the best long players we have heard in quite a while!" – Diamond Deposits

"...whilst we are not here to lecture anyone about their music, this album may well inspire some original ideas for others to develop" – Beehive Candy

"This music is ideally spacious, while at the same time combining complex rhythmic devices with lush orchestral parts to create an ambiance of balanced contemplation. This is the perfect soundtrack for your star gazing, chill out sessions or just for sheer reverie" – Big Takeover Magazine

"Deep and hazy electronic grooves. Straight underwater music, and much like life below the surface, this one is singing to its story and rhythm... What a beaut" – Poule d'Or

“A one man band, Thiago C. Desant creates a world for the listeners to immerse themselves into”
– We Are Cult

“Desant creates an unique, original musical experience of depth and beauty. This album is totally compelling and an absolute must have” – Floorshime Zipper Boots